Give your old wooden furniture & Art a new shine!

Give your old wooden furniture & Art a new shine!

Today at ArtMillWork we will spend some time helping you give your old wooden furniture & Art a new shine!

    Stains on furniture are best removed with a special store-bought product. For removal on wood surfaces avoid direct contact with such a substance. On wood - it can destroy the surface varnish layer. To remove the stain, first, apply a little reagent to the flannel fabric, and then gently work the fabric over the defective area. Stains from lacquered furniture models are also removed using loose leaf tea, which must be wrapped in a cotton bad (tea bags are not suitable for this purpose).

Over time some, wooden furniture begins to fade. To restore it to its original exquisite shine and natural gloss, wipe it with any product that contains wax. In addition, wax perfectly protects any furniture from dirt. A solution of wine vinegar and olive oil will also add shine to wooden furniture. After wiping, the surface of the wood should be wiped dry with a soft cloth.

    Scratches on furniture are leveled with a special grout (sold in stores). Also, to remove chips, you can use a regular shoe cream of the desired color or crushed children's crayons (colored pencil leads), process the defective area, then polish it with furniture gloss on top. Scratches on oak furniture are well eliminated with iodine. If fine dust and holes appear on the surface of the furniture, it means that pests have settled there. They can be removed with the power of special chemistry. To prevent grinders, furniture wood should be inspected once every 3 years. Stains from wet dishes are removed with a walnut slice. When the nut juice dries, the surface of the furniture is wiped with a cloth. Absorbed whitish spots can be removed with wheat flour, followed by polishing with vegetable oil. It is a long process. Restoration of your wood products is not easy in any way. Suddenly, a trace of a hot object or dish has formed on the furniture, then treat it with a solution of vegetable oil and alcohol (1: 1), using a woolen cloth to wipe. If this does not help, then you can lubricate the flaw with petroleum jelly, and after 7-8 hours, polish the stain with a cloth. Mold stains can be removed by soaking a cloth in motor gasoline. Wax stains are carefully removed with a heated knife blade (make sure the knife handle is cold and preferably not metal). Then traces of wax can be wiped with a rag soaked in gasoline for best results.

    Folk recipes for the care of certain types of wood. Furniture made of oak or beech can be wiped with a dry cloth or napkin to remove dust, and then rubbed with a slightly damp, well-wrung piece of leather and polished with a woolen cloth. To restore the shine of a beech or oak surface, it is recommended to wipe it with the essence of warm beer and linseed oil. Grease stains from an oak surface can be removed with a warm mixture of warm beer, 1 tbsp. of powdered sugar and 20-30 g of wax, followed by polishing with wool. Take proper care of natural wood products and they will last for many years, retaining their original appearance!

While all these methods are very useful their is nothing like the help of an expert carpenter! As we all know what they say "Buy cheap buy twice". While it might be pricy to restore the glory of your old wood furniture it is well worth the investment! 

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