How Wood Work storage is done at ArtMillWork Design

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    Here is a few key points on storing different types of wood and then our personal technique of keeping our Art Work safe during the handling process! 

  • Store Unseasoned Wood Outdoors. 
  • Keep Kiln-Dried Lumber Indoors. 
  • Support Boards Every 16 to 18 Inches.
  • Don't Stack Too Much Lumber on One Shelf.
  • If Storing Lumber Vertically, Make Sure It's Supported and Elevated

    There are so many reasons that storing wood is a smart idea, but do you know how to store it correctly? If you’re new to woodworking and just starting a lumber collection, you might not realize that incorrectly storing lumber can cause the boards to warp and bow. Sometimes this wood can be salvaged by squaring it off, but this takes much more time and effort. In the worst case, this wood can be deformed beyond repair. You want to be careful where and how you approach lumber storage, so you don’t end up with a bunch of unusable wood. Stacking lumber the right way and keeping wood furniture elevated are a couple of ways to increase the life of your wood. When stacking lumber horizontally, make sure that the wood is supported by brackets every 16 to 18 inches at the very least. Supporting the wood at this interval will prevent the boards from bowing. Come check out our storage video!


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