Professional Sound Diffusion Wall Art

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                                Professional Sound Diffusion Wall Art

    You would think it is easy to create a professional piece of diffusion and assume that you can achieve the same result by just affixing several pieces of wood together. But the art you were hoping for turn out to not be all you wanted and, in many cases, looks like a hectic combination of scrap wood glued to plywood.

    A professional diffuser is a carefully calculated series of wells that are designed to scatter sound evenly at specific frequency ranges.  You might have found out the hard way but not every diffusor DIY project is easy, or manageable at all. Trying everything from a skyline style diffuser that is hard to create to parameters. So the sound is diffused efficiently. If your sound is not scattered evenly, you might cause other acoustic problems in the space where you were trying to get rid of them. Such as echo or increased directional noise. This is also true for other attempts at DIY sound diffusion. Using cartons off eggs placing bookcases and furniture attempting to diffuse with book stacks. All of the above won’t do the job just right. Where most of these methods are meant to absorb the sound not as much to redistribute or diffuse it like a professionally made panel would. So you make a choice to go for a ready one. Unfortunately, not all the panels on the market you end up looking at or purchasing for your home are professionally made. So whatever panel you end up going with make sure it was actually engineered to scatter sound properly so you don’t have to run into an awkward situation of placing it in your attic or garage for storage.           

    Now once you chose your diffuser. Comes the question of positioning it in the proper room and direction to achieve the results you are looking for. Smaller rooms might not require or be able to support a full diffusion even if you do install several panels in proper directions. In some ways, it is a good thing. Once the diffusion reaches auditorium levels the sound starts bouncing too much and you would start hearing a delay in comparison to the actual sound start point. Now in large rooms the diffusions is more complicated and mostly is don't for the space desired.           

    Diffusion is a very tricky science but with a bit of help you can make any desired space sound perfect. And with our help, you can achieve that. Our easy to set up parametric sound diffusion panels are made out of 100% solid wood. They are a wonderful ECO friendly solution to your diffusion and design needs.