The benefits of wood radiator covers

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       Wood Radiator covers are the most popular out of their make materials, some others are made of metal and polycarbonates. Due to the nature of wooden material these covers are durable, reliable, and stylish.
        All products are made out of natural 100% solid wood – Eco-friendly material, that is nonharmful to the environment.  Wood is amazing for this work under high temperatures it generates - phytoncides, essential oils, antioxidants, etc. For the production of screens for heating radiators made of wood, we use only the best hardwood and coniferous species with high-performance characteristics. All products have a long service life and retain their attractive appearance for years to come. Wood has high aesthetic and decorative properties; it is combined with many finishes and materials. Fits perfectly into any interior. Decorative wooden radiator screens will be equally appropriate in rooms decorated in both classic and modern styles. We manufacture products in our own carpentry workshop in Brooklyn, equipped with modern high-tech equipment. All elements are assembled by our craftsmen by hand, which guarantees the absence of defects.

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