Wood radiator covers have been putting off the heat with style

Wood radiator covers

 Are you looking for a stylish, yet functional cover to protect your radiator while adding old-world charm to your home? That’s where wood radiator covers come in. Wood covers have been putting off the heat with style since the turn of the 20th century, and now adding a wood radiator cover is the reason more people are turning to them today. All of our wood radiator covers come ready to stain or paint to match your other home decor items or in one of our stain or paint options. Our radiators are built from solid wood, not pressed particleboard like the others on the market today.

Wood Radiator Covers are an easy way to beautify your home. They dress up all radiators with style and class, and they prevent burns and blisters for those tiny humans we all have running around our houses. Wood Radiator Covers are a great way to make your old radiator look new and can be painted to match the rest of your room. They also help by preventing burns when children or adults accidentally touch them. They also prevent small children from sticking their fingers into the radiator.

All custom handmade radiator covers. Our wood radiator covers are made from the finest solid wood and are carefully handcrafted with the highest quality workmanship. They are available in several styles and finishes. With our selection of styles, you will be sure to find the perfect radiator cover to enhance any room in your home or office. These radiator covers can be made to fit any size of the radiator or baseboard heater, and can even be made to fit around registers and vents. The wood radiator covers are available in many styles and designs: like the all popular Stella or the glorious Manhattan style that took the hearts of NewYourkers. 

Custom Built

We manufacture our wood radiator covers in a variety of styles and colors to suit your needs. Our wood radiator cabinets can be custom-built for any radiator size, even for steam and hot water radiators.

Our wood radiator cabinets are made from solid pine and are  hand stained or painted with a standard finish. We also offer custom finishes for an additional charge. You may choose from our standard colors or request a custom color.

Whether you live in an older home or have just acquired an antique radiator, Wood Radiator Covers from ArtMillWork Design is your best source for a new cover that is sure to beautify the look of any room in your home!


Made with High-Quality Materials

We at Art Millwork Design, use only the best materials in our products. Our covers are built with knot-free pine & poplar lumber, solid tongue & groove construction, hand-sanded, and custom-made to fit your radiators perfectly. The finish is a high-quality stain or paint that is completely eco friendly and will not have toxic vapors when under constant heat.


Why are the covers so important 

Burns and lack of counter space. This can be a particular problem if you have children or pets that could get burned, but it’s also just uncomfortable for the people who have to live in the space.

Another reason why you should consider installing Wood Radiator Covers is that they look so much better than radiators do on their own. This is something that all of your guests will notice when they come to visit you at your home, and it’s an easy way to make a good impression on them.