Wood Wall Art Decor history

In ancient history and into the new era wood wall art and the production of wooden objects has been at their peak. We see examples of woodworking in all the ancient cultures such as Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese. All around wood has been the most popular material since B.C.
Wood is used in all kinds of means:

-House building;
-Utensils for the table including dishware;
-Weapons such as bows, arrows, and catapults;
-Decorative means;
-Much more.
The list can go on forever as wood always finds its use.

Today we will focus on wood wall decorations. Which took a good historical turn and have been around for almost as long as humanity. With this in mind, the composition of wooden décor has changed drastically as the master crafters have been working and perfecting their skills to adjust to the high demand of clients for perfect aesthetics. Woodworking became an important part of civilization advancement.

In the modern world, we have many amazing things to decorate our houses with. The most beloved yet is wood décor. And the interest in woodcraft has only been growing since the turn of 21 century. As many people realized that most materials are cold and don’t bring the piece into their houses and to their eye.

Wood wall art decor takes a separate step from modern life. It is unique and warming, it has many playful colors given to us by nature itself. We at ArtMillWork Design create Parametric wood wall art that is used by many individuals in all kinds of implementations. As for décor, or as a sound diffusing element, as something to spice the house up with some new looks or warm it up with the colors of nature.
At all times woodcraft has been very popular and decorating your house with wood in the modern-day and age would be considered a luxury for many. With some new machinery such as CNC and chipboard or plywood, it became easier to create unseen shapes and styles. Although we at ArtMillWork Design have our own view on things and create wooden décor only by hand and with the use of solid wood. This is partly due to the aesthetics of working with nature that we love. Solid wood is perfect in its imperfections and every piece made of it will look as unique as people. While having a twin somewhere in the world will still have its unique and self-determining factors. No two pieces are ever fully identical. Wood wall art décor is our passion and we stand by the quality of our products as it is always to the highest standards of our technicians.

If you would like to learn more about the wood wall art décor we create follow the links all throughout the blog. We create custom-size pieces if you don’t find what you want just contact us.