Why we use solid pine?

Why we use solid pine?

Solid Pine Wood is a wood that is not easy to crack. You can use it for making furniture in the house, or to build your house. It has a long life with minimal effort.

If you want to make your house warmer and spacious, you can use solid pine wood products for your furniture and design needs. It can take the shape and color of many designs. Pine is nice to work with as when you stain it or work with it on the contrary it comes out with new traits. Each time making it a unique selection for your next project. We take pride in the uniqueness of each of our products as they all have individual traits inherited from the particular tree. So no two identically made objects will be exactly alike. 

Solid Pine Wood is also cheaper than other types of wood, such as oak wood and teak wood. While no loss in quality. Solid Pine Wood is renowned for its durability and strength and is ideal for making furniture that needs to stand up to everyday wear and tear. It has natural pest-repelling properties, so it’s great for use in rooms like kitchens or children’s bedrooms. The radiator covers from ArtMillWork Design are hand crafted from pine and under high temperatures will give out highly useful antioxidants to the air. Similar to a sauna experience with essential oils.   

Pine wood is used for making boats, houses, doors, windows, shelves, etc. Pine wood is one of the strongest woods used for making furniture. The properties like strength and durability make it a versatile wood that can be used in various ways.

Pine wood has a great demand in the market due to its  benefits like strength, durability, and low price as compared to other solid woods. Apart from these benefits it also provides a natural look to the furniture, made using it. Due to these reasons, pine wood has become an ideal choice among interior designers, architects, and homeowners too.

Pine wood has several benefits that contribute to its popularity for use in furniture and woodwork:

  • Solid Pine Wood can be easily sanded down and refinished multiple times
  • It looks great when finished with a clear coat of stains 
  • It is naturally resistant to pests such as termites and mosquitos 
  • It is very easy to work with
  • It is a sustainable source of wood that can be grown quickly

At Art Millwork Design, we are proud of our wooden creations. Solid pine wood is a product that has been designed and developed in partnership with our customers to meet their consistent requirements for quality, performance, reliability, and value for money.

The solid wood panels are like a great piece of art. The beauty and elegance of this wood are timeless and we have some great designs in our collections. 

There are so many reasons why you will love ArtMillWork Design product:

  • It’s great value - you’re getting a top-quality item at a very reasonable price and it’s timeless
  • The beautiful natural design of the wood is sophisticated and modern.
  • We have 5-9 business day 

Which ever style or product you pick with ArtMillWork Design you are guaranteed to receive a product for ages.