Parametric Design

Parametricism is a fairly young and fast-growing style that has already defined many rules for the current designers and for the future practitioners to follow. Today parametric objects appear more often in public places - shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, museums - and, of course, private projects. Through geometric and algorithmic relations, it forms a bridge between traditional architectural production and new technological possibilities, and fills our lives with its distinctive character, exceptional forms and love to light and spaces.
Geometric Shapes
Smooth Lines
Unique Image

Wood Wall Art Decor

Our Wooden Wall Art Decor is completely handmade. For us is important to sell high-quality products. Art Panels from the wooden saw cut will perfectly fit the interior of your office, home, apartments. Eco style, a piece of nature will refresh the space of Your interior. Natural wood is dried and sawed into segments, which are impregnated with natural oils individually tinted in various colors.
Each has been cut and painted by hand, so the piece is unique and never will have an identical copy.