Parametric wall art

Parametric Wall Art

Parametric Wall Art is a decorative art that enhances the beauty of your walls and transforms an ordinary room into an extraordinary space. The art forms on the walls are made using only wood crafting tools and the work of live technicians. So each and every piece is individual and special. The originality of our designs makes your place look more special and unique. In addition to the artistic value they add to your space, these art panels are also light in weight and durable. Parametric Wall Art can be used for purely decorative purposes or it can be used to create a partition or a railing within your existing space. Also our panels have an amazing sound diffusing purpose which adds on to the value of the art. As it can be used for many different installations.

We at Art Millwork Design, make custom handmade Parametric Walls Decor, choose your design and size you want. We create new parametric designs every day. We offer you the possibility to choose from a wide range of our unique designs, stains, patterns. You can also choose from our great selection of colors for the frames, to match your interior.

Parametric Wall Art is a growing trend in the world of interior design. Home decorating with parametric art designs brings originality, interest, and excitement to any room. You can add parametric wall decor to your room as part of an overall interior design or you can focus on one particular area such as the living or dining room. These panels found a wide use in many offices and commercial spaces as well. Do to their unique relief and sound diffusing parameters they serve as a multi use art statement. 

Parametric wall art is becoming very popular these days. Interior designers are using this art form for decorating rooms and offices in their homes and businesses. This is a great way to add some color and character to a room that may otherwise be lacking some center statement.

If you want to add a little bit of style and elegance to your room, you should look into getting our parametric wall art. It is not only beautiful but it can also help make a room look bigger and more spacious while taking away some of the echoing do to open walls. If you use this type of art properly it will give you an extra dimension in your home decorating efforts.

Our Parametric Walls Art Decor is handmade. We examine the product from every angle and check its quality before shipping it to our customers. Our company makes sure that the products you receive is only of the highest quality. We believe that each panel we work with is a part of our reputation. And we like to have only the best!

We have a custom design where we can work with other sizes or make some modifications to the colors. Contact us


Why is our parametric wall art so special:

Our parametric art panels are designed and engineered to stand the test of time.

  • We use only solid wood , no CNC milling with MDF.
  • All our materials are eco-friendly.
  • Our unique designs are hand-crafted individually so their is no two identical pieces.
  • Lead times in the industry 
  • We ship world wide