Unfinished Air Vent Cover - Strong Magnetic Mount - Paintable - MDF Wood - Available in Six Different Sizes / Made in NYC USA


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100% Solid Wood - 100% Solid Wood

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Сustom Request
Available in any custom sizes for an additional price.
Thickness  is 1/2" inches.
Vent covers are unfinished - READY to PAINT.
Current lead times for custom orders 1-3 business days.
Proudly Made in NYC USA.

Available in Six Different Sizes:
12 x 12 inches
16 x 16 inches
20x 20 inches
24 x 24 inches
30 x 30 inches
36 x 36 inches

You can also rely on our Unfinished MDF Ventilation Covers to not only enhance air circulation but also provide a practical solution for closing access holes in walls or ceilings. Made from durable MDF, these covers are designed to seamlessly blend with your space. With the convenience of a magnetic mount, they securely hold in place, ensuring a snug fit. Available in six different sizes, our versatile covers offer the perfect solution for any hole closure needs. Unfinished and ready for your personal touch, these covers allow you to paint them in any color that suits your interior, providing a seamless and cohesive look. Experience the functionality and versatility of our magnetic mount ventilation covers for a well-rounded solution to your home improvement projects.

Experience the ultimate convenience with our Unfinished MDF Ventilation Covers featuring a magnetic mounting system. Say goodbye to complex installations and hello to effortless setup. Our magnetic system ensures a secure and hassle-free attachment, allowing you to effortlessly position the cover on walls or ceilings. No tools or complicated procedures required. Simply place the cover in position, and let the magnetic mount do the rest. Enjoy the ease of use and quick setup that our magnetic system provides, making your ventilation cover installation a breeze.

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