Radiator Covers as an interior move.

    Radiators are a part of the home because almost everyone has heating that is distributed through these elements. However, sometimes these radiators can be of little decorative value. In homes because they are large and highly visible. That's why beautiful radiator covers are invented, some elements that help to disguise the radiators if we don't want them to be in sight or would like to use them for a flat surface.

    Many of these Radiator Covers have a modern and contemporary style. Others are simply subtle enough to make this area go unnoticed. So, if you have old and unappealing radiators come check out a few of our Natural Wooden Designs 

Why Choose Radiator Covers

    A home radiator is an indispensable element if we choose electric, gas, or oil heating, as it is a way to distribute heat throughout the house. These radiators are a must to provide warmth, so they can be an annoying element when decorating. Many people decide to just use tricks like painting the same color as the walls to hide it, or leave it as it is because the designs of these radiators are quite modern in newer houses. But if you're one of those who don't like seeing these elements in the hanging at home, you'll have to opt in for a radiator cover. These covers mask the radiators, making them look like built-in furniture creating more space in your interior design. Whether you decide to use them only in the corridors or in all rooms you will be pleased with the art piece of nature playfully sitting in your design.               

     One of the possibilities when buying a radiator cover is to bet on simpler and more classic models. Covers made from materials such as wood are most common and esthetical. You also should keep in mind that the vast majority of these radiator covers have holes through which heat passes. If they were completely enclosed, heat would build up and not enter the room as efficiently as it should. And it would also damage the wood by warping it. The reason metal radiators aren’t used as commonly is due to the fact that they get very hot and may cause burns. As for the wood, we can leave it in the original color or paint it later to our liking, even in color.

    When installing a radiator cap, we must always consider the wall it will go to because it will serve as a backdrop for that piece of wood. Obviously important, if we have a rustic stone or brick wall, we buy a similar style radiator cap that matches the wall and the room. For this type of wall, you can use a wooden element in a classic or rustic style. White walls are the best backdrop for these radiator covers, as any of them will look good. In any case, white radiator caps are also a great option in case of a bright or pastel-colored wall because they will be the perfect contrast. For our selection of radiator covers or to order visit our Custom Radiator covers page.