What is Staining Wood?

Hey every one its Art MillWork!

          Staining wood is a process of darkening the overall tone by adding pigment, or dye, to it. Stains come in all shades and colors, ranging from light golden oak to rich, dark espresso tones. This is a beautiful way to achieve the exact tone that will work best in your home or business and is a very common way to finish wood. Stains are applied by hand in our workshop, giving a natural finish to the wood and maintaining the integrity of the wood-grain by controlling the amount of stain that is applied. Stains are utilized for both interior and exterior applications, although not all wood species take to stain uniformly and evenly so there are some drawbacks. For the most part, stain is very good choice in the finishing process. 

    We use only natural and fully organic stains so when you receive your Parametric wall art piece. The nature is unharmed! Come check out our selection!  

 And Come check out our YouTube video for the application process of stains at our shop. Also dont forget to comment and like our videos!