Their is no limits to Custom orders

    All off our orders are hand made and done to order. The creative process always creates a unique and never exactly the same piece.

  Our wood work experts are always ready to help you carry out the idea or customization for your personal project! Projects can be viewed and ordered on our  Custom wood art page. 

    We have very little limitations when it comes to customizing your wall art or wood design. If you can picture it we can make it!

    Why Its important to have the creative process:

  •  What can it hurt, after all, to learn about creative wood project ideas that could enrich your life and the lives of others?
  • Or maybe what you learn from one project will translate into new ideas for another.
  • Fuller consciousness of your self and its creative potential
  • Increased confidence(every new creation that we deliver to you is a “win”)
  • Increased energy and productivity (Our wood work takes in the carbon, and creates a healthier work environment)
  • All of our products come out 100% ECO Friendly 
So why wait get started on your creative process now!